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for non-members 

  These guidelines have been thoughtfully written and designed to assist the couple in planning the most important day of their lives.  Please read carefully and if there are any questions, you may contact any member of the DPC Staff listed at the end of this booklet.


The wedding is a corporate worship service of God.  In the Presbyterian Church, the wedding service indicates what we believe about God and marriage.  Therefore, we take responsibility for establishing policies for these services.  Your wedding will mean more to you, your families and friends when there is careful concern for all aspects of this occasion.   These policies have been established by the Session and will assist the bride and groom and their families in answering questions regarding the wedding ceremony at The Downtown Presbyterian Church. 


The scheduling of all weddings is done through the church office.  The pastor and the Session must approve all requests made.  There are many requests made for weddings to take place at this church because of it’s unique and rich history.  Weddings of members will take priority over requests of non-members.  A deposit of $250.00 must be paid within 30 days of confirmation from the church office.  This is not refundable if the wedding is cancelled within 60 days of the date scheduled.  The wedding consultant (listed at the end of this brochure) will be your primary contact with this church.  

No sanctuary weddings will be scheduled on Sundays or during Holy Week, Christmas Eve or Day, or on New Years Eve or Day. 


Couples are not required to use the services of the pastor of The Downtown Presbyterian Church. Rather, you may use an appropriate clergy-person of a recognized, Christian denomination. Non-Christian clergy-persons require special permission of the session. A justice of the peace is not acceptable. If you wish to use the services of DPC’s pastor, please contact him as soon as possible so that he can put you on his calendar. Please understand our pastor is not obligated to preside at weddings. Presiding at weddings, or not, is always his option, and he will agree to do so, or not, as he believes appropriate. Much of that will depend on his schedule, so speak to him early to determine the best time and learn about his pre-marital counseling requirements. For any pastor, weddings require a great deal of work outside of the normal "work week" duties. Our pastor goes to great lengths to provide leadership for a personalized, meaningful and worshipful service. Because of that, his professional services are not gratis and he is to be compensated for the additional time and individualized preparation that weddings require. The pastor’s fee for any couple, member or non-member, is $250.00.


The Downtown Presbyterian Church provides a wedding consultant to the couple who wish to be married in our church.  This option is non-negotiable.  When a contract has been signed by both the church and the couple,  the consultant should  then be contacted by the bridal couple to discuss wedding plans and to study these guidelines together.   The consultant is an integral and important part of the wedding planning and should be contacted as soon as possible.  She is the chief contact  between the church and the bridal couple, and will be available to direct the wedding rehearsal and the wedding . 

All payments as agreed upon will be given to the consultant the week before the wedding.  At the appropriate time the consultant will give the payments to those designated people.  


Our church does not rent its facilities for weddings.  The fees listed below are meant to cover certain costs incurred by the use of the facility.  Checks are to be made out to individual parties (see below) and given to the consultant one week prior to the wedding.

1.  Sanctuary:$1000                   $250.00 of this is paid as a deposit at the time the contract is approved. The remaining amount is due one week before the wedding.

2.  Chapel:$500                           $100.00 of this is paid as a deposit at the time the contract is approved.  The remaining amount is due one week before the wedding.

3.  Consultant:$200                    For all weddings in Sanctuary and Chapel.  Includes all consultations with couple as well as directing the rehearsal and the wedding.

4.  Reception:$1000                     $500.00 of this is for Fellowship Hall.  $500.00 is for the Kitchen

5.  Custodian: $15.00/hr             This item to be discussed with bridal couple and consultant. Custodian is  required to open and close church both for rehearsal and for  wedding and is responsible for leaving church clean.

6.  Minister: $250.00. Please see above.

7.  Musician Fees:

Consultation$ 50 [can select choices from list and search YouTube for recordings]
Rehearsal$ 50
Soloist(s)$ 50 each with 1 short rehearsal before ceremony
Choir$200 [rehearsal + ceremony]

Choir member fee is $50 for each singer, e.g., $200 for a quartet, etc.
Soloists fees are set by the soloist, generally ranging from $100 - 250.

 NOTE: Prices are subject to change and are reviewed annually.  The price cannot be guaranteed for a wedding booked for the next calendar year.   


The organist of the Downtown Presbyterian Church will play for all weddings unless unavailable.

If a guest organist is requested by the couple, he/she must be approved by the DPC organist.    Other musicians may assist in the ceremony, and should choose music that will enhance the worship aspect of the ceremony.   

The couple is responsible for contacting the organist for an appointment at least one month before the wedding.  Selection of the music for the ceremony will be made in consultation and approval with the church organist.     


The pulpit is to remain in place for the wedding.  No candles may be used in the two main isles of the sanctuary or in the organ area.  If candles are desired, it must be discussed with the consultant.  Carpet and furniture should be protected from stain or dripping of any candles used (dripless candles must be used).  Saucers should be used with all potted plants.   Floral decorations should be arranged without the need to anchor or fasten them to any furniture.  If large arrangements are used in front of the organ, they must be put in tall vase so as not to impair the view of the organist. 

If the couple wishes to leave floral arrangements for the church to use during the Sunday Service, the church will be happy to accept either a single or double arrangement.  It is the responsibility of the florist to remove all candles, ribbons, etc., that are used, as well as any flowers not being used by the church the following day.    

If the communion table is moved, the couple is responsible for returning it to its proper location after the ceremony is over.  No other church furniture should be moved. 

The thermostat is set for the season and therefore, cannot be changed. 

The computerized lighting system is highly technical and must be set by either a member of the staff or the consultant.  

Our current sound system is available for your use.  There is a $100 deposit to use our sound system which will be refunded if all settings are returned to their regular position for Sunday morning worship. A document is available that details the exact default position for all knobs and faders on the mixing console. The sound system must be checked during rehearsal if it is to be used for the wedding.  If there is a visiting minister, it is advised that he/she bring a lapel mike and check to make sure it is compatible with our system.                                                                             





Pictures are not to be taken during the ceremony in either the Sanctuary or the Chapel.  The wedding service is a service of worship and therefore, the only pictures that are allowed during the service are those taken without the aid of a flash from the balcony of either the Sanctuary or the Chapel.  All equipment including hand-held/mobile photography must be used in the balcony.

Photographs may be taken prior to the service or recreated at the conclusion of the ceremony. 


•Parties enjoying our facilities will be held responsible for any damage to the building or furniture.  •Alcoholic beverages are not to be served on the premises.  •Rice and birdseed may not be used inside or outside the buildings. •Rose petals may be carried but not dropped onto the carpet.  •Parking is available in lots surrounding the church. This will be at your expense.  •Caterers, florists, etc., may unload in the small church parking lot on the east-back side of the church.  It is recommended the east-back door be used for rehearsal and pre-wedding.  The sanctuary doors may be unlocked as agreed upon with the consultant.  

It is very important that the staff,bridal party and guests be PROMPT for the rehearsal and the wedding activities.  


Mike Wilson Pastor 615-254-7584

William Taylor Organist 615-254-7584

Reggie Hughes Office Manager 615-254-7584

Paulino Jarquin Building Manager 615-254-7584

Betty Harkness Wedding Consultant 615-383-7027

 After you have read these Guidelines, please print, sign and fax the agreement to the Church Office along with your application and deposit.  A letter of approval, and a copy of the application and agreement will then be mailed to Betty Harkness, your wedding consultant.  You should contact her as soon as this is accomplished at 615-383-7027.

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